HADCO Staffing Solutions takes pride in its performance standards and client satisfaction, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our service levels. Some of our recent clients have provided feedback on their experience with HADCO.

“Aubrie Jones and Sara Rawlins personify the ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. I met Aubrie and Sara while they were at their previous company.  When Aubrie and Sara decided to start their own business, I followed them without hesitation, and it was the BEST professional decision I’ve ever made. During our conference, we employ 950+ local staff, clocking over 5,500 hours over the course of 7 days. Each year the demands of our event increases as do our staffing needs. Aubrie and Sara are always there to reassure me, responding to any of my requests with, “no problem.” Staffing is the last thing I ever worry about when it comes to our conference and events. The staff they employ for our conference are knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and are always the perfect fit for our event! Our attendees remember many of the returning HADCO staff members and comment about them in our post-event survey. I even have special requests for HADCO staff members to return and support VTW. I look forward to partnering with HADCO each year and know that I can always count on them.”

~Silvia from Travel Industry Company
Bellagio & Aria Program August 2019

“I have to say that since we started working with you, the caliber and quality of the people we get are so far above what we have done in the past!  It has brought our services and offerings to a whole new level.”

~Heather from Meeting Management Company

“I wanted to say a huge Congratulations!!!!! and Thank You for your support on Symposium. This year we made some big changes to the way the classes worked – with shorter, more dynamic education sessions across a wider selection of topics, some HUGE classrooms and a really tight schedule of room turnarounds. As if that wasn’t enough, we decided to rename the rooms across the entire meeting space. All of these changes presented a number of risks in communication, timing and delivery and once the event was live, we were largely in the hands of your team to make the class logistics work. And they did, consistently, across the two days.

I really appreciated you taking the time to understand our program and you very clearly briefed your team accordingly – they took ownership of their areas and tweaked their processes to make our large numbers run as smoothly as possible and they were unfailingly polite and engaged with our guests.  The Team Leaders were exceptional – they were cool, calm and knowledgeable and this showed throughout the event.

You were always flexible and accommodating and the fact you not only delivered good quality people for the brief we gave you, but also managed to support the additional requirements we had onsite, was super impressive.

It was also an absolute pleasure to work with you both and you threw yourselves passionately into making our program a success. We had a fabulous experience and are extremely proud to have Hadco as such an integral part of our team. We have had mixed experiences in the past with staffing agencies in Las Vegas but finding you ladies was like striking gold – in the very British words of our team when reflecting on your contribution to the program – ‘You absolutely NAILED it!!'”.

~Alex, Third Party/Production Company for Hair Industry
Mandalay Bay January 2019

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciated the support that we received from you and the entire HADCO team at Bellagio Vegas last week. We know how much effort your team put into making our event successful and I wanted you to know that your efforts were very much noticed and appreciated.

During the hustle and bustle of the event, your leads were exemplary in keeping everyone on task and on point. While the entire team was great, there were a few stand outs that we continually saw helping wherever they were needed. And, everyone had a great attitude while working. Our leadership team even commented during the de-brief that whenever they needed something, that someone in a blue shirt was there and had already taken care of it.

It’s a very difficult job managing staff, but especially temporaries. The HADCO team was extremely professional and impressed us immensely. We came to depend on them very quickly over the 3-day event.
Thank you again for all your efforts. We will look forward to working with you in the future!”

~Cassandra from Security Industry
Bellagio May 2019

“Working with you has been a terrific experience. Your staffers were professional, friendly and everything you promised. We were a little nervous using temps again, but all our fears disappeared, and you took amazing care of us. We’ll definitely use HADCO again and sing your praises to anyone who asks! Thank you again for your contributions to our event. A smooth staffing experience made all the difference.”

~Tatia from Medical/Pharma Company
Caesars Program August 2019

“You ALL Rocked.  I did not have to worry art all about staffing, you and your lead were on top of it every day, over and above.  Your team worked with my client like they had been friends forever and like they were internal staff. Such a pleasure!  When I am back in Vegas, I won’t hesitate to contact you without doing the whole RFP thing again – you nailed it.

Thank you and your team!”

~Blake from a Third Party
Caesars Program October 2019

“It is a breath of fresh air to work with professionals who understand the business and truly partner with you.  You and your team absolutely DELIVERED for us and we could not be more thrilled.”

~Heather from a Third Party
Mirage November 2019